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Country Garden — Ten Miles CoastHong-Kong-Shengzhen Metropolis International Coastal City

  As the first five-star coastal holiday resort along the east coast of Shenzhen created by Country Garden with its 19 years of resort-constructing expertise, Country Garden – Ten Miles Coast will be built into a large complex for tourism and holidays with commercial areas, residential communities and relaxation and tourism facilities, as well as the vacation homes which are desired by everyone. As the huge masterpiece of Country Garden for 2011, Country Garden – Ten Miles Coast is expected to be launched in the second half of 2011. Exhibition and sales centers are now open in Harbin and Shenzhen.


  Country Garden – Ten Miles Coast is located in Yapojiao Coastal Tourism Area to the east of Shenzhen, possesses the most high-quality and most original coastal resources, and embraces one of the cleanest gulfs along the hundreds-of-kilometer shoreline of eastern Guangdong. The project owns the most cherished five-kilometer white sand beach and fabulous natural landscape formed by trillions-of-year-old reef rock. The nearby tourism resources, such as reef rock park, mangrove park, etc, and the No. 2 provincial green road which goes through the project, together perform the wonderful “low-carbon” international coastal vacation.


  Backed by third largest metropolitan area in the world—Hong-Kong-Shenzhen Metropolis, the project is only 20 kilometers from Shenzhen. Shenshan Expressway, Extension of Guanghui Expressway and Eastern Coastal Expressway makes the prosperous life available within one and a half’s ride. Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong-Kong High Speed Railway, which will be in operation in this July, will be connected with Wuhan-Guangzhou High Speed Railway at Shenzhen North Railway Station. From then on, Shenzhen-Xiamen, Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong-Kong, Wuhan-Guangzhou High Speed Railway will meet at Shenzhen, and Central and South China will be swiftly, widely connected together. Meanwhile, with the help of the airports around (6 airports in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Macau, Zhuhai and Foshan respectively), the vast majority of provincial capitals of China will be covered in 3 hours, which makes this “Coastal Shangri-la” easily available for the vacationers all around the country.


  Country Garden – Ten Miles Coast is designed by Tianhua Architecture Co. Ltd., which is regarded as “the First Brand of China’s Residential Community Design”, and the US company Peridian International, Inc. which has been awarded “Best Residence Awards” and “Best Scenery Awards”. The target is, with Country Garden as the core member, to establish cooperation among strong enterprises and to construct the world-class benchmark of coastal resorts. Meanwhile, facilities such as s super-five-star resort hotel, commercial corridor, international kindergarten and yacht dock, etc, together with superexcellent natural landscape, create extremely wonderful coastal holiday life for Country Garden – Ten Miles Coast.


  Country Garden – Ten Miles Coast will invite the property management company with Level 1 National Qualification to considerately take care of every aspect of the coastal holiday life, from security, furniture maintenance and gardening to tailored hotel-style housekeeping services, to make the noble, perfect coastal vacation available for every person and to satisfy the demands for twenty-four-seven holiday life all around the year.


  Country Garden – Ten Miles Coast’s unique resources and advanced sea-air-land traffic system, break the time and space limitation for holiday life, make the holiday life become normal for people. In addition, the pleasant subtropical climate and the nationwide rare coastal resort which is apart from the attack of typhoon further realize the twenty-four-seven coastal holiday life all around the year.

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