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Dalang Country GardenFive-Star Villa Community to the North of Songshan Lake

  Dalang Country Garden is the first large-scale quality life community built by Country Garden Holdings Company Ltd in Dongguan. Located in the new administrative and transportation center of Dalang, the project is only 30 minutes’ ride from each economic center of Dongguan. Consisting of three lakes and six sub-communities, the project together with its Mediterranean waterscape royal gardens and Spanish classic architectures helps to accomplish the living dignity of elite families. The under-construction business center, the property management service with Level 1 National Qualification and the nearby school and hospital provide the residents with nobility and convenience. The road network such as Guanshen Expressway and inter-city railway forms the Guan-Shen-Hui 1 hour life circle. The project provide plentiful product types, such as semi-detached villa, multi-story apartment and high-rise apartment, is one of the few super-large-scale top-grade residential community in Dalang or even Dongguan. Elaborated with Country Garden’s 18-year villa construction experience, Dalang Country Garden is the five-star home for successful people.


  The policy of the integration of Shenzhen, Dongguan and Huizhou helps the three well developed cities to incorporate even more thoroughly. The geographic center of the future greater region will be in Dalang, where the “price depression” has been discovered by people from all walks of life. Dalang Country Garden has a very close proximity to Songshan Lake and locates in the new administrative and commercial center planed by Dalang government—Yinlang Area, which is the vital passage of Dalang, Changping and Dongkeng. These advantages have fully represent the property value of Dalang Country Garden, and the final decision about the site selection of Guan-Hui Light Railway station has further enhanced the potential appreciation of Dalang Country Garden’s properties. In addition, the under-planning Metro Line R3 of Dongguan is also near Dalang Country Garden. Thus, Dalang Country Garden is located in the core area where Metro Line R3 and Guan-Hui inter-city railway cross, and will enjoy the unique advantage in the future system where the economic development is measured by rail transit.


  Dalang Country Garden is among the most high-end projects of Country Garden. Except the 15 high-rise and multi-story apartments at the north of the community or beside the road, the other products are all villas. The Spanish Classic façades, decorated with beige walls and culture stones, are very decorous and delicate. Arches of the corridors and windows are of great Mediterranean style. Some of the large super-luxurious houses are wholly decorated with stones on the façade and are thoroughly demonstrations of European style.


  Most varieties of trees in Dalang Country Garden stems from famous species from all over the world, such as Dafu kapok from South America, a-hundred-year-old yacca from Japan, Spathodea from Australia, dozens-of-meter-high king coconut and other precious plants from well-known mountains of the country.


  Dalang Country Garden ignited Dongguan market with 1 billion sales record of the debut launch in 2010. By now, only about 20 cherished villa units are left, and the high-rise apartments will be launched in late 2011.

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