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Country Garden Phoenix CityGrand City for Quality Life in East Guangzhou

  Established in 2002, Country Garden Phoenix City (the City) is a mile stone in Country Garden’s development history, and after 9 years of experienced operation, it has become a mature, colorful grand city for quality life.

  Defined as “forest, lakes and new city”, Phoenix City started the new era of urban habitation with beautiful landscape in Guangzhou. During the process of development, Phoenix City has been adhering to the principle of protective development, endeavoring to beautify and utilize the current resources without changing the original natural environment and to create an interesting and friendly living atmosphere which incorporates architectures and nature. Tens-or-hundreds-year-old trees are protected, stones dug out through land leveling are sculptured as decorations, mountains and lakes are categorized into key protected areas, and plants are transplanted in line with the principle to protect the original ecological environment. The environmentally friendly development makes it possible for the home owners in Phoenix City to enjoy the relaxed and pleasant lives every minute and everywhere in the beautiful natural environment with forest and lakes.

  Located at Xintang, Zengcheng, Guangzhou, Phoenix City is close to Guangshen Expressway, Guangyuan Expressway, Guanghui Expressway and 107 National Road. It only takes 30 minutes to drive from Phoenix City to Tianhe CBD in Guangzhou and the transportation to East Guangdong is also very convenient. The under-planning Line 13 and 16 Subway, Suiguanshen Light Railway, branch line of Xiashen Railway and Line 4 of Guangshen Railway will also cross near Phoenix City.

  At the large transportation center in Phoenix City, shuttle buses commute between the City and Guangzhou, Shenzhen or Hong Kong for more than 300 times a day. Every 15 minutes departs a shuttle bus commuting between the City and downtown Guangzhou and on holidays or in rush hours the time interval will be shortened to 5 to 10 minutes or even shorter. In addition, the No. 5 Bus commuting between Phoenix City and Xintang downtown is now in operation, making the prosper near at hand. The shuttle bus inside the Phoenix City community is another characteristic. Starting from the Transportation Center, a large number of courses connect sub-communities with every 5~20 minutes a bus from 6 am to 12 pm.

  With the idea of “facilities first”, besides the large-scale transportation center, Country Garden has opened, very soon after the initial launch, the five-star-standard Phoenix City Hotel, Sports Center, Commercial Center, large-scale super market, the super-first-class-standard Phoenix Bilingual School, and Lychee Culture Park with dozens of amusement rides, etc. Additionally, Mcdonald's Drive-through has also enhanced the community facilities. On May 31st 2010, Phoenix City introduced the global retail giant Jusco into the community, which started the new era of the cooperation between Guangzhou communities and international brands. On April 8th 2011, the nationwide famous fitness chain institute Total Fitness also entered the community, bringing colorful, healthy lives to the residents.

  Phoenix City now accommodates near 50,000 home owners, has 17 detached sub-communities, such as extra-luxurious villa areas, detached villa areas, townhouse areas and elegant apartment areas, including various product types such as apartment, semi-detached villa, quarter-detached villa, townhouse, penthouse, extra-luxurious villa. Within 9 years since the debut launch, Phoenix City has won a large number of awards for the best seller in term of quarter or annual volume in Guangzhou.



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