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Country Garden – Triumph PalaceGive you a five-star home

  Country Garden – Triumph Palace is situated in High Speed Rail Business Zone, Xidong New Town of Wuxi City, with Xidong Boulevard on the east, Xinhua Road on the south, Runxi Road on the west and Danshan Road on the North. Tianyi Experimental School, Anzhen Advanced High School, Anzhen Experimental Primary School, Anzhen People’s Hospital, banks and supermarkets are also nearby the Project, serving the education and living needs within close proximity.


  Country Garden – Triumph Palace is also near the cross-city metro line and Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Rail (to commence operation on 30 July 2011). It will only take about 10 minutes to reach Wuxi city centre upon completion of the cross-city metro line, about 30 minutes to metropolitans such as Shanghai and Nanjing within 30 minutes via Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Rail. In the future, the “uni-city” impact brought by Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Rail shall change the living model and home purchase consideration of people in Wuxi as well as the entire Yangtze River Delta Region. Country Garden – Triumph Palace, situated at the core of High Speed Rail Business Zone, possesses a development potential that cannot be underestimated.


  As Country Garden’s debut project in Wuxi, Country Garden – Triumph Palace is addressed to different types of home purchase desire by providing products ranging from apartments to “Diamond” villas. It creates values towards perfecting the city environment of Wuxi by reasonable zone planning and spacing between buildings and distinctive style of finished products. In addition, ancillary facilities such as kindergarten, retail area, clubhouse, swimming pools etc., are also part of the project planning, which enable residents to have a good balance between gaiety and tranquil.


  French construction style and Wuxi cultural elements have been embedded into Country Garden – Triumph Palace, which not only exhibits fresh, sparkling and modern architectural feature, but only possesses elegant and grand image from an overall perspective. Various fittings bearing French architectural scent, supplemented with sharp lining, gentle colors, fine-tuned details, plain material outlook, and balanced gauge, lead to an unique Country Garden style of architecture led by its aspiration of an optimal façade appearance. Together with its thematic gardening and national first class qualified and five-star property management services, home owners can enjoy a more romantic living style.


  Among the various types of projects offered in Country Garden – Triumph Palace, “Diamond” Villa, representing Country Garden’s top-class villa products, is the pith and marrow of Country Garden after its 19-years research and development of villa products. The exterior, using the dry hanging-stone technology, illustrates Country Garden’s strong aspiration of top quality architecture. Its esteemed atmosphere can bring out even more solid touch through ages, and opens a new chapter of villa-type development in Xidong New Town of Wuxi City.


  Bearing the design philosophy of placing man as the eccentric, Country Garden – Triumph Palace places a high regard in neighborhood planning and design of views. Wiggling greenery areas and natural sloppy landscape integrates the gardening, landscaping and architecture into a well-blended living environment. It also enriches the image of Xidong New Town of Wuxi City,


  Country Garden – Triumph Palace will comprehensively raise the living quality of Wuxi through its products, gardening, ancillary facilities and services. Leveraging on the strong brand image of Country Garden and the enormous potential of High Speed Rail, the Project will become a new force of development of the city.

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Address:Wuxi High Speed Rail Station Business Zone, North of Xinhua Road, East of Runxi Road
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