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We hope the society will become better with our existence

With a constant ideal to be a conscientious, responsible, sunshine company, Country Garden sincerely hopes to see a prosperous, strong and revitalized nation, as well as the people’s welfare. Thus, Country Garden will do its best to requite the society with a grateful heart. Facing future, with her effort to build a 100-year-old company, not only will Country Garden focus on the cultivation of local market, but also keep pace with the times to look towards to the nationwide market, so as to realize the dream of five-star life for more and more people aspiring a happy life.

Keep honest and requite the society
·Honesty is the foundation of Country Garden’s development and the most precious psychological wealth and core value. County Garden wins the trust from customers, cooperators, and the society by its integrity all along the course to develop and pursue the perfect.
·Being highly responsible for the customers, Country Garden provides high-quality products and services pursuant to the demands of both the development of society and the pursuit of high-quality life from the customers. To build high value-for-money houses for the society is the core competence endeavored as well as the highest integrity pursued by Country Garden. The achievement of most sold properties is attributed to the public praise from the customers, which is just the demonstration of Country Garden’s credibility in the market.
·With the principle of honesty and faithfulness, Country Garden is highly responsible for the cooperative partners, of which the best demonstration is that Country Garden is honored as the representative faithful enterprise by governments of different levels in consecutive years.
·Being highly responsible for the society, Country Garden not only pays taxes actively, but also volunteers in charities warmheartedly to promote the benign development of the industry. To serve the society is the prerequisite of the profit pursuit, the development acceleration and the efficiency enhancement of the company. Country Garden believes to requite the society is the biggest success.
Promote the development and achieve mutual benefit
·Country Garden’s participation has infused and will infuse the local real estate market with unlimited vigor. With its strong sense of responsibility and great culture glamour, Country Garden has continuously promoted regional environment and economy.
Enhance the living quality comprehensively
·Wherever its footprints are left, the advanced Country Garden homeland mode has become the new living benchmark, brought the revolution of living concept, promoted the general level of real estate industry, upgraded the property products and property management services and comprehensively enhanced the local living quality, which all let the local residents follow the pace of society development and enjoy more comfortable and preferable life.
Create better culture environment
·Regarding the development of green human habitats as its duty, Country Garden executes scientific early phase planning to appropriately arrange different products and facilities harmonized with the local terrain and natural surroundings and to make the local cultural environment become real sustainable resources.
Drive the regional economy development
·Through the cross-regional development, Country Garden has implemented the localization strategy, quickly integrated with the local society and provided large amount of job opportunities. As the important contributor of local taxes, Country Garden’s remarkable business performance has guaranteed the active tax payment and the support for local fiscal revenue. With the substantial brand advantage, Country Garden has attracted and cultivated a large amount of high-caliber talents and comprehensively promoted the development of regional economy.
Build the comprehensive city image
·With its every step of development, Country Garden has brought large-scale communities, scenic environment, five-star hotels, theme parks, commercial plazas and leading life style to the locality, filled the blank of regional high-end market, reinforced the urban function and enhanced the comprehensive regional image.

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