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What is Country Garden?

As a practitioner propelling China‘s ‘New Urbanization’ process, Country Garden has brought modernization to over 300 cities, which improves life quality of indigenous people and beautifies cities’ landscape. Moreover, it has been constructing the first smart-eco city in the world, Forest City. Adjacent to Singapore, Forest City reveals the concept of multi-layered urban planning.

Forest City utilizes the multi-layered urban planning concept into the whole project design. Parks and recreational spaces spread around the city with an area of 20 square kilometers. Without vehicles traversing its surface, the whole city would be connected through the railways. Besides, roads, flyovers and parking space are docked underground, which separate pedestrians from vehicles.

In 20 years, with unforgettable gardening environment and first class property management that make people feel comfortable and safe, every project of Country Garden has become its cities’ landmark.

The architecture and management of every new community should stand the test of history. Wherever Country Garden goes, she aims to build first-rate communities! Therefore, over 3 million people chose Country Garden as their homes.

Listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2007, Country Garden has reached over 140 billion RMB in sales and 14.9 billion RMB in tax payment in the year of 2015. Meanwhile, it is the company that firmly holds the principle of abiding laws and regulations.

With over 70,000 employees, Country Garden sells its properties with decorations at an average price of 6500 RMB per square meter, which remains the lowest among the top-10 property developer in China. In addition, it constantly pursues the goal of building the house with highest price performance ratio in each of its project. In terms of education, life and medical treatment, Country Garden would endeavor to satisfy the demand of customers with decent taste.

Country Garden requires every employee to hold the following faith and practice it wholeheartedly:
  “To create a better society with our existence”;
  “To shape a prosperous future through our conscience and social responsibility”.

Country Garden and its founders are dedicated to charitable activities with aggregate donations over 2.6 billion RMB.

This is Country Garden, a company constantly pursuing the development of a harmonious society.

Country Garden, five-star living for you.

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